NC Writers’ Network — David Heaney has written a fascinating stealth book. From the gorgeous illustrations and the appealing Yorkie of the title, you might assume you were about to read a beguiling children’s story. And you would be right (assuming the child has strong, direct parents who are willing to explore reality with their child). As you get deeper into the book you begin to…

Author Interview with Fiona Mcvie — I was not a good high school student and squeaked into college. I fell in love with Philosophy. I was stunned to learn that you could major in it, so did. I am one of those tales that speak to the importance of aligning passion with academic pursuit. I did well and transferred to SUNY College at Purchase to be part of the first graduating class of 200…

A Book Review by James Minter — The day I sat down to read this book, quite by chance I observed two entirely unrelated events. One was a TED Talk by Iain McGilchrist, a Fellow at All Souls college, at the University of Oxford: discussing what’s happened to our soul or spirit. And the second, an event on a TV show for pop-star hopefuls. One contestant, a lady in her early thirties, had been driven…

Author Interview with Andrew M. Ferrell — Hello my Gentle Readers. I know our Meet The Author Monday has been a little thin lately, but I have a couple lined up for this week and next that I hope you will enjoy and check out what they have to offer. This week we will be talking with David L Heaney, a former pastor turned writer with his spiritual adventure, A Yorkie’s Tale: Lessons from a Life Well-Lived.

Book Review by Haley Belinda — A Yorkies Tale is a 145-page book by David L Heaney. What I would say is this is an excellent story for older children. I am an older adult, well, let’s say middle-aged! He! He! And I loved it!

Review from Stephen’s Church — It’s an adventure; it’s a parable; it’s a fairytale for all ages.

Author Interview with Into Another World — Today I welcome author David L. Heaney to my blog. His debut novel, A Yorkie’s Tale: Lessons from a Life Well-Lived, came out in October 2017.

Book Review with Hasty’s Book List — That first line, an aging Yorkie, had me on edge throughout the book. But alas, it wasn’t a sad story. It was full of morals that you’d expect in a kid’s book (although I believe adults could enjoy this short tale, as well.) Niles, the Yorkie, learns about friendship, loyalty, generosity, kindness, joy, contentment, and finding our inner spirit. It was a cute story with lots of good life lessons.

Author Interview with Hasty’s Book List —  I’ve had the good fortune to travel a lot and to live in several different countries on long-term work assignments. I lived in Israel for about a year and in London for a year. I have also traveled to Southeast Asia which I truly loved. In particular, I loved Vietnam and Cambodia. I’d like to spend more time there.

To review copy of “A Yorkie’s Tale” or for publicity information, please contact David at

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