…because, we all have something to say.

I hope you will enjoy my blog which includes reflections, poetry, and short stories. You can also learn about my books, A YORKIE’S TALE and, just published, THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM. To read a segment from A YORKIE’S TALE click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. To read a segment from THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM click here.

I have just recently posted the first chapter of a book I have been contemplating. The book tentatively titled, THE SIX LIGHTS: A PATH TO PURPOSE, is an exploration of six events described in the Gospels, mostly Luke. I have always been impressed by the stories but struggled with their relevance to me personally until I began to see them more as archetypal events whose meaning became clearer to me through exploring works of art and those moments captured by photographers that in some ways showed these things happen all around us all the time when we know how to look.

Finally, I am writing a sequel to A YORKIE’S TALE which focuses on aging and the character, Nathaniel. I am really pleased with how it’s progressing and will share some of it soon.

I hope you will give some of my writing a read. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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