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My new book, THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM, will be available January 2019 and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other booksellers.

A black fox, a Roma gypsy widow, and a fourteen-year-old girl on the autism spectrum discover and befriend one another in the village of Beckham where fox hunting has been a way of life for centuries. The three improbable friends learn that being different doesn’t leave you powerless as they prepare to challenge a sport they believe is senseless and cruel. THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM is a tale for young adult readers about reckless superstitions fueled by prejudice, a desire to win at any cost, and how the bonds of friendship forged by this marginalized trio, together with a little help from a shapeshifting Badger called Benton, empower them to take a stand that puts them at odds with family and community.


…And, don’t forget to enjoy, A YORKIE’S TALE: LESSONS FROM A LIFE WELL LIVED.

In this charming spiritual adventure, author and former pastor David L. Heaney uses the adventurous journey of a dog, a rat, and a parrot to impart important truths about the nature of life and the inevitability of death.


Niles, an aging Yorkie, has led a pampered life with his two loving owners and knows nothing of death. Everything begins to change when he has an after dinner encounter with an inquisitive fruit rat who shares the puzzling tale of a family burying a “sleeping cat”. Another neighborhood critter, the eccentric possum named Leach, explains to the two befuddled creatures that the cat was not sleeping at all. It was dead!

Stunned by the revelation that all life is finite, Niles and Nathaniel decide they must do something meaningful with their lives. But what? They resolve to venture outside Niles’ backyard, and with the help of Poppy, a friendly parrot, and guided by the cryptic guidance from a mysterious cat Niles encounters in both dreams and visions, they begin to search for answers.

They begin a journey from the familiar neighborhood to the city, to the ocean, and a strange place where all animals are caged. Along the way, they encounter and benefit from the wisdom shared by others; the seagulls, dolphins, and a visionary gorilla about the mysteries of life, and the grace that comes from living well unafraid of their own mortality.

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