My Covid 19 Life

Yesterday we learned the Soulard Farmers Market was open. We have not yet gone to this market which is one of the oldest in the country in constant operation since 1779. I am apprehensive about anything that involves potential crowds so we ventured out, me with my N95, and Lynda with a surgical mask. (I feel the need to justify the mask I have so first, our painter gave me two. Second, I am asthmatic and really don’t think I’d do well with the virus.) Well, the market was operating at about half capacity yesterday and there were relatively few people. We did a quick once around, mindful of others, and I bought some lamb from one of the farms represented to make Lamb Biryani in the Instant Pot.

I read the paper and get angry, feeling like those old men in the balcony at the Muppet theatre. But reading the Whitehouse has refused to allow Fauci to testify before Congress. Oh c’mon! So, there are not enough tests to test members of the House, Trump has removed the IG from HHSA who called attention to shortages in medical supplies to adequately handle the pandemic. It is infuriating to consider that opening states’ economies when there’s good reason to believe that it’s unsafe, is really about forcing people back to work and to choose between their health and being kicked off unemployment if they opt not to return to work. Opening the economy and offering people the opportunity to return to work forces them to make this decision. (How does Andrew Cuomo put it? “I refuse to put money over people’s safety.”) Then, Trump finally invokes the Defense Production Act when people are dropping like flies in the meat packing plants. He won’t do it for protective clothing (PPE) for healthcare workers and Ventilators for those unable to breathe. But, the prospect of losing his happy meal was apparently too much!

Today we did our morning walk taking grapes for the geese in the park. We were surprised by the goslings who came to visit with Mom and Dad. Later this morning we drove 22 miles to Chesterfield to buy a giant Peony. Even the little things like buying a new plant are registered as events now. Good, bad? I don’t know.

I feel sometimes like a pinball bouncing off the profane and outrageous actions of a corrupt administration’s actions, baffled by the number of people who just get in line and follow (like geese, honking Trump’s untruths) without complaint, and the kindness of others who recognize the extraordinary nature of this time. Trader Joes, who it seems often has a very unconscious collection of shoppers who shop spaced out going every which way, leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle, babies, dads, moms, a basket full of bags you brought from home to pack your groceries.) Well, they have really risen to meet the challenge of these peculiar times and have maintained their great customer service along with a high degree of (courteous) discipline about the number of people in the store, washing grocery carts, safe distancing. It was impressive. And Target… Target had hand disinfectant. I was really excited.

We have just moved to a new (very old) home (1870) in St. Louis so there is lots for us to do here. It keeps me busy and even the small improvements we make to the house, helps keep me optimistic. Watching people march into the State Capital in Michigan armed with guns is disheartening and listening to Andrew Cuomo shows us even a hardened political fighter can find a way to sit down and reason together with a people very unsure of where we are headed.

We’ll just keep pushing forward.

Be safe.

David Heaney

May 3, 2020

4 thoughts on “My Covid 19 Life

  1. David, you are RIGHT to be extra cautious— our age and your asthma are two strikes in the COVID game, and it’s downright dumb to do other than you are doing. I’m glad you have (un)common sense— it’s wise and kind to all of us who care about you. 🙂

    The market, and the peony hunt, and any number of other “outings” punctuate the quiet with delight, and it’s our job right now to be the best “Quarantiners” we can be— even if we’re sometimes cranky and weepy (my dad is failing, oldest son is struggling, you know the regular Drill of raining and pouring…) and dull-witted. I heard a sermon today about being “stuck in Lent”, but in the same way that I enjoy the introspection of Lent, I’m not hating the lock-down, as long as I get in my daily walk and quota of yard-time and books. It doesn’t take much, assuming I don’t stay too fixated too long for too many hours on the suffering of so many, and I do. NOT. Watch. The WH press conferences.

    He is the national tragedy. Today Michael read an article that suggests two drugs have been characterized as “liberal” and “right” by Fox and others— one which is “Fauci’s med” (initially, at least, data-proven, and therefore a conspiracy) and the other the ignoramus has suggested “what’s to lose?”. Now that’s a tragedy. I’m tempted to say something Malthusian, but feel too evil even thinking it.

    Sending love and light and laughter to you both.


    1. Thanks for the great feedback, Derelynn


  2. Diana Francis May 3, 2020 — 7:12 pm

    I so agree with all of your observations Dave. This administration is hell bent on re-electing Trump and, I believe, ALL decisions are predicated on that. I am astounded by the assertion that China may have manufactured this virus and “accidentally” let it loose. Can this be? I can never believe anything from this administration. So sad that we can’t trust our own “leaders”. Glad you and Linda are getting out. Most of my forays into the public deal with getting supplies, groceries, etc. for my Mom who I won’t let out of her apartment except to come directly to my house for a respite. And a few walks a week with the dogs. We will get through this – but I have to say it is an interesting time and I am sort of enjoying thinking through all the potential outcomes and changes to our lives. Quite the shake-up!


    1. Quite the shake up is right. Our world has been changed. It’s all new.


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