A Hymn to Our Hearts

Come thou that which I imagine

drive all darkness from my soul.

Fill my heart with love that has been

longing for the gift foretold

By poets, artists, prophets, seers

they whisper of a world unseen.

Open thou mine eyes and ears

and rid my heart of selfish dreams.

To celebrate eternal beauty,

wear its cloak invisibly,

of magic and strange lands, now tell me

of wonders hearts alone shall see.

Then life itself will be transformed

when hearts perceive what eyes are blind to

children once again reborn

the veil now rent so we do peer through

That which darkens understanding

dims the splendor of the true

but truth now seems is more demanding

then all that I believed I knew.

Yet, mindful now to hold it lightly,

visions granted you alone

your wondrous heart that shines so brightly

Wrapped in magic, ne’er our’s to own

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