I have finished THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM and it is now available for purchase on Barnes & Noble and Amazon or wherever you buy your books.

From the Cover

Set in the small village of Beckham, nestled in the English countryside where fox hunting has been a way of life for hundreds of years, a rare black fox is spotted shortly before the opening of the hunt season. The Beckhamshire County Hunt Club seizes on the opportunity to exploit a long history of superstitious legends concerning black foxes in order to promote the hunt and raise money for a sport that a growing number regard as cruel. The sinister stories about black foxes quickly spread through the village and surrounding countryside. As the stories grow increasingly frightening so too does the desire to hunt down and kill the now infamous ‘black fox of Beckham’. No ordinary fox, Arabella, as she is called, embraces the guidance given to her by her father as a kit before he was killed by hunters. “What makes you different also makes you powerful.” Arabella then brings together two additional kindred spirits; the fourteen-year-old autistic daughter of the Secretary of the Hunt and a Roma Gypsy widow accused of being a witch whom the black fox serves. The three who proudly brand themselves the Peculiars take on ‘big fox hunting’ with surprising results.

THE BLACK FOX OF BECKHAM is a tale for young adult readers about winning at any cost, superstition, prejudice and a touch of magic. But, ultimately it is a tale of redemption, strength and the magic of friendship.

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